31 Dec 2013

  Hipster Viral Blackletter is a source that reinvents the European Gothic  traditional script from the year 1150 until the 17th century. In the creating process of Hipster Viral Blackletter,  appeared by accident a new typeface: Viral Hipster Thin  which is a representation of movement that follows when the calligraphic pen tilled 45° draws the glyph. The font is available as a free license freebie in Opentype format with a tweet here  Download Hipster... Read more..

19 Dec 2013

Good news! my typography Viral Hipster has selected by Dribble as the best of the week in their blog. Since October 28th, the post has been seen 2,586 times and has had over 700 downloads. Hipster Viral is a free license font reinventing the blacketter fonts. Get hipsterviral.otf (two weights) paying with a tweet here   Buenas noticias! mi tipografía... Read more..

DSCF6364 (1)