"Although the future of graphic design is directly aimed at the screen support, I love creating graphic-sensitive, the unspoken. The smell of a book, or walk your fingers over the paper. The color and feeling of a spreaded page, evocative typography, an illustration that draw you a smile... "

Álvaro  Yuste  (A.K.A.  Teö)  is  a  graphist  based  in  Madrid.  He  began  to  study  History   of  Art  in  the  Complutense  University  of  Madrid  but  soon  left  to  study  Illustration  at   Escuela  de  Arte  número  Diez  and  Graphic  Design  at  Escuela  Superior  de  Diseño  in   Madrid. Since  2010  he  has  been  working  as  a  freelance  illustrator  and  graphic  designer.   After he had worked  for  several  agencies,  in  2012  he  starts  to  work  for  Baud,   where  he  developed  his  talent  to  create  brands.

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