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02 Feb 2014

Last Friday I was fortunate to meet Pablo Gamez eating a calzone at the italian restaurant l’isola bella in Malasaña neighborhood, Madrid. He’s a designer who has the youth moment to do and undo things. In 2013 he was behind  TypoMad‘s organization, a typography festival in Madrid. Also, it is very typefacing and lettering geek. We were... Read more..

27 Jan 2014

Zephyros, the god of the wind that roars through the Alberche valley river (Ávila, Spain) let his signature in each of the vineyards that produce this wines’ grape and it became drawings for these labels. This is how the labels of Zerberos Viento Zephyros were made. This idea is made for Daniel V. Ramos, span-aussie viticulturist brought up in Madrid, who has the advantage of growing up between... Read more..