31 Dec 2013



Hipster Viral Blackletter is a source that reinvents the European Gothic  traditional script from the year 1150 until the 17th century. In the creating process of Hipster Viral Blackletter,  appeared by accident a new typeface: Viral Hipster Thin  which is a representation of movement that follows when the calligraphic pen tilled 45° draws the glyph.

The font is available as a free license freebie in Opentype format with a tweet here 


hipster-viral-font-ilusteo-sample-alphabethipster-viral-font-ilusteo-sample-modern-blackletter-caligraphyhipster-viral-font-ilusteo-sample-xiiihipster viral samples-PATTERN

Download Hipster Viral as a  free license freebie in Opentype format with a tweet here