19 Feb 2014



Baud agency relied on my work to reformulate the branding and redesign the packaging of Turrolate Galenda, a traditional sweet from Córdoba created by three sisters from taste memories of her childhood. The handicap of Victoria, Remedios and Rafi‘s product  was the turrolate previous design, intended to be positioned on herbalist stores, despite being a product with potential to be commercialized in gourmet market.

To resolve this problem, the Baud’s creative department chose to create a concept starting from a brand lettering reminiscent of a traditional spanish bakery, thus providing additional value to the premium packaging. In addition, another line of packaging for the Asian emerging market in anticipation of a possible global expansion was developed. The end result of the work for Baud had an exciting reception from the creators of Galenda.

This work was done for the Spanish TV show La incubadora de negocios in Cuatro TV in which companies provide tutoring aimlessly but with great potential.