Longboard Girls Crew’s Deck

Client Longboard Girls Crew

Date 2013 - 2015

Fields graphic

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This is the first Longboard Girls Crew’s board, a international association that promotes female longboarders worldwide.

For me it was a pride that after working for them designing a merchandising lettering, they return to trust in my work to design the graphical part of their longboard.




We decided it should be a motivational board that referred to the world sceene of women’s longboarding. I wanted to give a female touch with coral and turquoise colors and the wooden background was respected. Also it accompanied the claim “Not Giving In“, It reinforces the restless spirit of the longboard.




At the bottom, a message written by Daisy Johannes and Valeria Kechichian; two greatest exponents of women’s longboarding worldwide:

“We longboard.

Some of us go fast.

Some of us go sideways.

Some of us compete.

Some of us use it

as transportation

from A to B.

We all skate for fun.

No matter what.

Not giving in “

In the part of the sandpaper we put a compass so that the north will never miss was available.

The board is for sale on the website of Concrete Wave Skateshop.

Photography by Noelia Otegui