Longboard Girls Crew’s t-shirts

Client Longboard Girls Crew

Date March, 2013

Fields lettering, design

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It has been for me a pleasure to work for Longboard Girls Crew, an association that works for women’s longboard. It was born in Madrid and currently has ambassadors worldwide.

They brought a very clear idea: they wanted the phrase looking for girls That can cook and ride -a sexist phrase for a shirt that was going to give a group of girls fighting for women’s skate. Many people didn’t understand the irony of it. For this version for girls also made a similar legend but changing the girls by boys. The t-shirt graphic is in keeping with the old 70′s American skaters. The aesthetic advertising shirt is on the US west coast. Personally I think it looks great with the fabric chosen.

Some of the famous people who wear the tee are the skater Ian Joe Dutch and musician Frank Turner.





Ian Joe Dutch lgc ilusteoFRANK-turner-VALERIA-kechichian-lgc-ilusteo

You can get the tees on their official LGC’s shop on-line