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La Peliculera

La Peliculera is a Madrid-based analog film specialized shop. The word “Peliculera” has double-meaning. Literally is a person who loves films, but also, in spanish it means a woman who gets carried away by the imagination and usually make things up and explain fantastic or imaginary things in an exaggerated way.


The reference store for analog photography fans


The creative concept was taking the visual codes of the nineteenth century —when photography began—, and using them in a contemporary way. The illustration of a woman holding a camera was made by Medusa Dollmaker with the inspiration of Art Nouveau illustrator, Alphonse Mucha. 

kodak woman holding camera 1911
Group 14

The brand was created to be always over the images. Even though the brand is always in first place, the liquid layout let us see the photo respecting the areas of importance of the images. In a short way, it is a very simple and recognizable brand.


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La Peliculera