Longboard Girls Crew

Longboard Girls Crew (LGC) is an international longboard community, created in Madrid in 2010 aiming to get more girls, women, trans and non-binary people into the sport. They work on changing the way they’ve been represented by the industry and society, focusing their exposure in their skills & camaraderie, rather than their bodies.

2012 - 2020

They are diverse women of all ages, shapes and ethnicities doing something they love.

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I was commissioned to do LGC’s new logo, which was something I’ve always wanted to do. They are a worldwide community, with strong values, who champion female empowerment, stereotypes breaking and the creation of safe spaces and communities around the world. The new logo had to reflect all these values.




The first LGC logo became very popular, along with their first videos, where the founders skated around Spain. Its impact was so strong within the global longboard community, that it still remains recognizable and remembered today.

I wanted to bring back some of the elements that made the first logo so popular, including a highlighted letter G and a custom script font; all round up in a circle that represents the global community they are.


build up logo_lgc-ilusteo
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Group 8


I’ve been linked to LGC in many ways over the years. We all skated in Madrid, and became friends immediately after meeting. I designed their first t-shirts, and later was asked to create the graphic for their first longboard, a multi-discipline board designed for women. We agreed on creating a graphic, with see-through wood, and some of the elements that globally represented this movement.

This was my first time designing a board graphic, and hopefully, not the last.


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